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Integrative and Sports Medicine Center

Our Veterinary Integrative and Sports Medicine Center’s (VISMC) veterinarian main objectives are:

  1. To rehabilitate dogs and cats that have sustained musculoskeletal injuries or have undergone surgery to repair fractures, cranial cruciate ligament ruptures, patellar luxations, joint replacement, arthroscopy, neurological procedures, or any surgical procedure that requires therapy to regain mobility, alleviate pain or weakness.
  2. To provide complementary and alternative medicine including acupuncture, TCVM/herbal medicine, cold laser therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), and platelet rich plasma and stem cell therapy.
  3. To provide support for owners with overweight pets that do not have the opportunity to or are unable to get enough exercise due to pre-existing medical conditions.
  4. To provide agility and flyball loving dogs with an opportunity to improve their physical condition by increasing stamina and strength, and trying to prevent injuries.
  5. To provide a structural physical activity program with complementary and alternative therapies for geriatric patients to ease discomfort from advanced age-related medical conditions, thereby improving quality of life.

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