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Jupiter Pet Emergency & Specialty Center is a veterinary hospital that provides a warm, caring approach to specialty and emergency veterinary medicine for your pets; we are located at 505 Commerce Way in Jupiter, 561-741-4041.

Our professional, caring veterinarian staff will treat your pet with the utmost respect while tending to the situation. We are open 24 hours a day with the Specialty Services during the week days, and the Emergency Service from 5:30pm-7:30am weekdays, and 24/7 weekends and holidays.

We serve all of South Florida, including Palm Beach and Martin counties. We also provide specialty pet services, including Surgery, Sports & Integrative Medicine, Ophthalmology, and Cardiology. If you have a special case you’d like us to review, please contact us or call 561-741-4041.

It is getting warmer and rainier! This means that Bufo toads and heat stroke are more likely health issues for your pets! Bufo toads are toxic and can make your dog (or cat) very sick, or even cause death. If you think your pet has come into contact with a Bufo toad, call us immediately! There is more information on our WHAT’S NEW link!

And, as the asphalt gets hotter, remember the 7 second rule. If you can touch your hand to the pavement for at least 7 seconds without feeling burned, then you can take your dog for a walk outside. Dogs’ pads are sensitive to heat just like your feet! And, if your dogs are not used to going for long walks, start slowly and go when it is not as hot, like early in the morning and late in the afternoon or early evening! The same applies to the beach!

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