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Dog Acupuncture Vet

Acupuncture is a very safe medical procedure that can often result in significant improvement of a pet’s condition. This favorable risk to benefit ratio make it an important tool that can be implemented in conjunction with traditional therapies or as an alternative in certain cases where traditional treatment methods are not an option. For example, acupuncture would be a reasonable route to take for animals with pre-existing conditions (ie heart disease) who may not be able to undergo anesthesia for diagnostics and/or treatments. This is what makes a dog acupuncture vet so important. At JPESC we apply dry acupuncture (needles only),Read More

Veterinary Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) has four main components: acupuncture, herbal medicine, food therapy, and Tui-na (medical manipulation). Acupuncture usually involves the insertion of thin sterile needles into discrete and specific points on the body in order to cause a therapeutic effect, but may include other methods such as electrical stimulation and aquapuncture (the injection of liquids, often Vitamin B12, into acupuncture points). At JPESC the veterinary acupuncture we apply is dry acupuncture (needles only), electroacupuncture (EAP), and aquapuncture to help our patients with a variety of conditions. Herbal medicine is also frequently implemented simultaneously as it helps to enhanceRead More

Dog Rehabilitation Vet

The goals of animal rehabilitation are to restore, maintain, and promote optimal function, fitness, wellness, and overall quality of life. Almost all animals can benefit from a tailored rehab program, but pets with the following conditions may see significant improvements: post-orthopedic or post-neurologic surgery, arthritis, soft tissue injuries, non-operable conditions that affect mobility and function, pain secondary to joint/bone/muscle/nerve disease, obesity. Taking your furry loved one to a dog rehabilitation vet can help benefit greatly. Over the past few decades numerous studies have shown that, just like with humans, pets that undergo physical rehabilitation during their recovery period see aRead More

Why Does My Dog Need An Eye Doctor?

Seriously, a dog eye doctor? Most dogs and cats and birds and bunnies, and any pet, never have to see an eye doctor, but sometimes things happen and they do! A veterinary ophthalmologist is a veterinarian that has gone through special training and has passed an examination making them board certified through the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists. Dogs are more likely to see a veterinary ophthalmologist than other animals. This may be due to the vast number of pure breed dogs and designer mixed breeds that have been bred to look a certain way, and in so doing, causedRead More

Physical Rehabilitation for Pets

By Dr Toni Yang, CVA You may have heard of friends and family going to physical therapy (PT) after undergoing some sort of orthopedic/neurologic surgery or suffering from a non-surgical injury. Or perhaps you have experienced this for yourself. Did you know that similar programs exist for your pet? Animal rehabilitation is a relatively new specialty in the veterinary world. The human equivalent, physical therapy, has been around since the early 1900s circa World War I. Canine rehabilitation in the United States began in the mid-1980s and has been gaining significant momentum ever since. Over the past few decades numerousRead More

Toxic Foods For Pets

Animals love to get an extra munch on our food whenever they can, so you should be careful about what they get ingest — as some foods can be very dangerous to their health. Many of these foods may seem tasty to our pets but can prove deadly if eaten. It can be very tempting to offer pets food from the table, but pets should not be given human food unless strictly recommended by your veterinarian. If you suspect your pet may have eaten a dangerous food, contact us immediately. In many cases, early recognition and treatment are critical. Shown in the image below is aRead More

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