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Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine
Dr. Jennifer Ayoub

A Veterinary Internal Medicine specialist has completed advanced training in Internal Medicine beyond veterinary college. This training includes a one-year internship, a 3-year residency program, publishing in
a scientific journal, and passing board examinations.

Internists evaluate patients by gathering information regarding patient’s history, clinical signs, physical exam findings, lab results, imaging studies, and special testing. This information is used to provide a complete picture of a pet’s health issues.

Internal Medicine specialists treat a wide variety of diseases including renal (kidney) disease, endocrine disease, blood disorders, lung disease, immune-mediated disorders, infectious diseases, and gastrointestinal disease. A number of diagnostic procedures are utilized in order to completely evaluate patients. These include specialized blood tests, ultrasound, upper GI endoscopy, colonoscopy,
rhinoscopy, bronchoscopy, airway sampling, and bone marrow aspirate.

Internal Medicine specialists work closely with your regular veterinarian to help provide the best veterinary care for your pet. Learn more about Dr. Jennifer Ayoub and her practice.

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