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Emergency Veterinary Service


505 Commerce Way, Jupiter, FL 33458

In Case Of Emergency: Remain calm. Assess the situation. Remove the animal from any chance of further harm. BE CAREFUL – even a loving pet may bite and scratch when in pain.

Our Emergency Services are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Our Emergency Service is compassionate and professional and provides the highest standard of care for your special pets. We also continue to be available for specialty service appointments for your clients during weekday hours.

When you dial our number, 561-741-4041, explain the problem to our Technician. Calling before you bring your pet in for treatment will give our staff time to prepare for your individual situation and requirements, and, also enable them to give you instructions for transport, if necessary.

When you arrive at JPESC, we will examine and treat your pet as promptly as possible. Life threatening emergency cases will be treated first, regardless of order of arrival. Unfortunately, this may interrupt an examination in progress or cause a less critical patient to wait. Please be assured that our staff will work as quickly as possible to attend to all patients.

Additional Information

COVID-19 Update - Dear JPESC Pet Owners, I am sure that we all agree that COVID-19 is a serious issue that is permeating our entire lives, whether it is knowing someone who has been infected to the numerous texts, emails, and news casts. JPESC is committed to continuing to provide the best quality care for all of our patients during this time. Our specialty services remain open Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm. Our Emergency department remains open 24/7 everyday. Our team members’ health and safety are a priority as we navigate working with you, our pet parents and your fur children. ...Read More
August 8th is Cat Day! - At JPESC we love our feline companions, and in honor of them, we have compiled a list of interesting cat facts.  I hope you enjoy and learn something new! A female cat is called a queen, as anyone with a cat can attest, they certainly live up to the name Cats walk like camels and giraffes. They move both right feet forward, followed by both left feet, meaning they move half of their body forward at a time.  They are the only three animals to walk in that pattern! Many people know that ancient Egyptians worshiped cats, but did you ...Read More
July is Pet Hydration Awareness Month - Written for Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center, July 2019 Summer is definitely upon the Treasure Coast, and with it, extreme temperatures and more water activities.  Therefore, it is important to monitor your pet’s water intake to ensure they are not dehydrated, or alternatively, do not suffer from water intake toxicity. Healthy animals will regulate their own hydration as long as they have free access to clean, fresh water.  Just as we will drink more water based on activity, temperature, humidity and diet, so will our pets.  There are ways to encourage cats and dogs to ingest more water, these ...Read More

In an emergency situation, always remember to remain calm and think clearly. This will aid your focus on obtaining the help your pet needs faster and more efficiently. We are here for you 24/7, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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