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Dog Acupuncture Vet

Dog Acupuncture VetAcupuncture is a very safe medical procedure that can often result in significant improvement of a pet’s condition. This favorable risk to benefit ratio make it an important tool that can be implemented in conjunction with traditional therapies or as an alternative in certain cases where traditional treatment methods are not an option. For example, acupuncture would be a reasonable route to take for animals with pre-existing conditions (ie heart disease) who may not be able to undergo anesthesia for diagnostics and/or treatments. This is what makes a dog acupuncture vet so important.

At JPESC we apply dry acupuncture (needles only), electroacupuncture (EAP), and aquapuncture to help our patients with a variety of conditions. Herbal medicine is also frequently implemented simultaneously as it helps to enhance the effectiveness of acupuncture.

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