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Imuno-2865 enhances your animals’ natural protection and ability to heal. Proper immune function is the cornerstone of health and the foundation of normal physiologic functioning in ALL organ systems. Imuno-2865 is a first responder natural supplement that supports health and wellness by reducing inflammation and promoting normalization of the immune system.

Imuno-2865 helps with:

  • Enhancement of beneficial gut microflora
  • Proper immune function
  • Normal organ system function
Directions For Use:
Weight of Animal Daily Use
4 lbs. and Under Contact Us For Use
5 - 15 lbs. 1/2 Capsule
16 - 50 lbs. 1 Capsule
51 - 100 lbs. 1 Capsule AM and 1 Capsule PM
101 - 200 lbs. 1 Capsule AM and 2 Capsules PM
201 - 300 lbs. 2 Capsules AM and 2 Capsules PM
301 - 500 lbs. 2 Capsules AM and 3 Capsules PM
500 lbs. and Up Contact Us For Use
Natural Ingredients Include:
  • Mushrooms

    Fiber derived from mushrooms has been shown to enhance innate antimicrobial defense mechanisms

  • Grapeseed Extract
    Grapeseed Extract

    Rich in antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties

  • Rice Bran
    Rice Bran

    Rice bran is full of anti-oxidant, anti-neoplastic and anti-inflammatory effects. It is also rich in Docosanol, a compound which has natural anti-viral properties.

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