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Healthy Aging Vet™

Healthy Aging Vet™ provides geriatric support for dogs and cats, naturally! Contains ingredients known to support a healthy brain. Helps to maintain normal disposition and alertness as well as behavioral patterns.

Why use Healthy Aging Vet™?

  • Helps promote the body’s health, well-being, and resistance to stress
  • Helps support mental concentration
  • Helps reduce ultraviolet radiation A (UVA) induced oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation in skin cells
  • Supports healthy vision

Question: At what age should my dog begin taking Healthy Aging?

Answer: Your dog can take this product at any age. The earlier the better as dog’s age much faster that other mammals. We would recommend that all animals at the age 3-5 should be on Healthy Aging. If it is a bigger breed dog, start at 3-4 because they age faster, it a smaller breed, then 4-5 is fine as they age more slowly.

Directions For Use:
Weight of Animal Daily Use
20 lbs. and Under 1/2 Capsule
21 - 60 lbs. 1 Capsule
61 - 100 lbs. 1 Capsule AM and 1/2 Capsule PM
101 - 200 lbs. 1 Capsule AM and 1 Capsule PM
201 lbs. and Up Contact Us For Use
Natural Ingredients Include:
  • Bilberry

    Bilberry has antioxidant properties, as well as helping support collagen levels. May also help promote normal blood sugar levels.

  • Korean Ginseng
    Korean Ginseng

    This natural adaptogen is traditionally used to help promote energy and well-being. It helps support brain function and may enhance mental concentration and alertness.

  • Ginkgo Biloba
    Ginkgo Biloba

    May benefit cognitive function, including memory and learning skills, in part due to increased perfusion and oxygen delivery to the cerebrum.

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